Market Update 2018-08-14 – “The Evil Dead” Days.

In 2013, Evil Dead reportedly used 50,000 gallons of blood.. for one scene.

A brief view of overall cryptocurrency markets would suggest we are in the process of filming a remake of Fede Alvarez remake of the cult classic.

The market has been capitulating in grand fashion over the last eight months. Second only to Bitcoin, Ethereum is leading the downward charge by retracing 100% since September 2017.

Most people would ask, “why would anyone invest in such irrational markets?” To put it plainly, opportunity. Since the inception of cryptocurrency markets, Bitcoin, and by extension, total cryptocurrency market cap has corrected 13 times.

What does this graph tell us? We may still have a ways to go before the bleeding ends and recovery begins. The main factors attributed to causing these crashes have been linked to regulatory fears by (mainly) the U.S. and Chinese governments; slow mainstream adoption; price manipulation; natural market cycles and ETF (exchange-traded fund) rejection.

Most of these decreases in price  was followed by a period of meteoric gains. For example, from Nov 2017 to Dec 2017 Bitcoin’s price rose from $5555 to it’s all-time-high of $19,666.

A 254% increase, in just one month.

(Before investing always do your own research, the writer is not an investor advisor, nor should this be deemed financial advice.)